What Kind Of Gun
By Daryl Hunter

The following is the hypothetical argument I used on my wife about the need for our Second Amendment rights. My wife is among the tens of millions of people in this country that fail to understand the wisdom and reason for our right to bear arms.

50 years from now after our economy collapses under the burden of our National Debt and martial law is declared to subdue coast to coast rioting due to the financial collapse of all of our institutions. What kind of gun do you want our son to have to defend his family and property from an unruly desperate population and the military trying to subdue them, as well as the interim government that comes to pass under such conditions?

The above was the fifth scenario I described to my wife to illustrate the wisdom of our second amendment. At the end of each scenario I asked, what kind of gun would you like our son to have to defend his family and property? The first four she replied that such a scenario would never happen, on the fifth she replied the best arsenal available. This scenario was the one where the lights turned on and she understood my point, as she was aware of the research I have been doing on the possible volatility of our current economic policies.

Our 224 years of freedom and prosperity has insulated our population from everyday realities and calamities other countries experience around the world. We take our prosperity and security for granted and assume it will always be the way it is today; however, nothing remains the same. Our collective apathy and complacency alone is a recipe for our own undoing.

History has proven that the democracies of the world last about 200 years at which time they become bloated with bureaucracy due to the nature of the electoral process (pandering for votes). It is then that democracies implode.

Our founding fathers flush with knowledge of an overbearing governing body saw fit to legislate safeguards to avoid such governing from ever happening in America again (The Constitution and the Bill of Rights). Lets not let our apathy, complacency and fear of a few idiots with guns and drugs override our founding fathers forward thinking safeguards.

What do you think our government would look like today had England outlawed guns 300 years sooner than it did?

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