Our Taxes Verses Our Expenditures

By Daryl L. Hunter

There's no income tax in Russia, but then there is no income.

Sometimes if you put things into perspective they aren't as bad as they seem. Although the Great Society isn't so great, and the New Deal is really after the fact a raw deal, we still have the most successful country in the history of the world. But if we want to keep it that way we better give the old system a tune up. Our founding fathers gave us the blueprint for a well balanced smooth running engine. Well that engine is starting to belch, smoke and choke. If a tune-up isn't forthcoming this engine will die.

We pay over 50% of our income in taxes of all kinds to support our exponentially expanding budget and national debt due to our approving nod to socialism programs. Sure we call them social programs but lets cut the bull, social programs are socialism. It's time to face that ugly reality.

Our American Socialism is strangling this country. It has turned our democratic republic into something it wasn't meant to be. Our representatives that we chose to analyze our congressional legislation then vote on it in favor of said representatives constituents, has been corrupted to where "our" representatives vote in favor of their campaign financiers instead.

This perversion of priorities poisons then bloats our tax code to favor contributors to legislators reelection campaign coffers, creating an environment of favoritism to campaign contributors that makes the rest of us to pay their share.

Corporate financiers aren't the only culprit, the other culprit is us. We all want to keep our local military bases, nuclear facilities, agricultural welfare programs and other corporate welfare and we send our legislators to Washington to do our bidding. As tough as the facts can be, we need to selflessly analyze each one of our pork barrel mandates and see if it is in our national interest as well as the interest of posterity for our children. We have developed a mentality of give me mine and screw you. This mentality is creating a myopic view of the future of this country, and our progeny will pay for our indiscretions. Shamefully Today's American foresight extends only until each individual dies and is no longer concerned about their 401K and Social Security. There was a time during our past when Americans were willing to give their lives for their country and now we are not willing to reduce the pork barrel spending of our country in order to avoid it's financial collapse. If you think that the financial collapse of America is improbable, I would like to point out to you how improbable the Russian people thought their economy would collapse while they were competitors with us in the race to the moon and world domination.

This is why the tax code has to be scrapped then replaced with a fair flat tax or better yet a consumption tax that excludes the purchase of food. This coupled with legislated spending constraints and honest reconsideration and of our socialism programs (Welfare, Social Security, and Medicare) so our country may be able to survive another couple of centuries.

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