Repercussions Of A Myopic World
By Daryl L. Hunter

It's a dog eat dog world, and under the thin veneer of civility western society has projected during the last few centuries our human/animal nature barely under the surface remains as historically brutal as it has been since the beginning of time. The bold dominate, the meek subordinate, i.e., Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Poll Pot. Those that accept a submissive position are dominated or are vanquished; those that accept a submissive position reap the rewards of their fear, apathy, and inaction.

The Twentieth Century created a new kind of world power, the United States of America. America fought wars and after winning these wars America rebuilt the vanquished countries (France, Germany, Japan, etc.) and returned colonies to their prewar leaders without taking any conquered land and bootie for itself (i.e. returning Viet Nam to France a big mistake!)

The United States and other advanced nations recognize that countries can create more wealth by trading with other countries than by conquering and crippling their ability to produce trade goods. All over the world we give foreign aid not solely because we are altruistically benevolent, our purposeful benevolence has one foot in empathy and the other in a dynamic capitalism that when we give aid with the appropriate strings attached we lift them out of third world status and turn them into trading partners, a win/win for both parties.

Today’s divisive politics in America has crippled our ability to unite due to party politics and revenge. We have become a nation of divisive issues inflamed by polarizing faction leaders, an action that has weakened America. The "Blame America First" folks have cracked the foundation of America’s strength by questioning America’s moral authority on the international stage and thus have destroyed it. Our strength has never been our weapons; our strength has always been America's strong will and unanimity.

This un-united America has projected its weak underbelly (vitriolic partisan politics) via the freedom of our speech, press , and assembly; we are projecting an un-united image of our people to a world hungry for a weaker America. America's liberal press has exaggerated this un-united image that unjustly vilifies a strong pro-active military instead of re-active one. Worse still their undermining our military and CIA for political purposes undermines America's mandate of bringing stability to an unstable world, thereby crippling our ability to fight Islamo Fascism as effectively.

The worlds jealously of the big dog on the block has blinded them to our past record of benevolent leadership. Our moral authority we established by freeing conquered people from despotic megalomaniacs hell bent on power gained by the bloodletting of their own citizenry, ethnic cleansing and the conquest and plundering of their neighbors and aiding under-developed countries develop their resources

Granted, America has compromised its moral authority on occasion usually by protecting dictators of oil producing countries who lubricate the wheels of international commerce where economic status quo trumps the democratic rights of desert Bedouins. We demonstrated benevolence failure in Afghanistan after the Soviets left in 1989 by not helping rebuild their country; the aftermath was a terrorist incubator. We ethically failed the Shiites and Kurds in Iraq in 1991 by not backing their rebellion against Saddam Hussein after saying that we would. Another lapse in ethics was 1972 in Chile when we assassinated a democratically elected communist. There is valid criticism of such inconstancy of America's ethics and duty. However, right, wrong or just shortsighted these actions by our elected representatives always have the best interest of the people of the United States as its motive. When we criticize our country's actions for what we elected our representatives to do (act in our best interest), we ought not shine an unflattering light on things that arm our enemies with rationalizations that feed their irrational hatred for us.

America's failure to rally unified against our enemy has weakened us, therefore has weakened the resolve of those countries that we have led in the past. Leaders that fail to attract the followers they need, fail to lead, followers then follow someone else. To the leader go the spoils, spoils for America has always been strong trading partners. Spoils, for most victors, throughout history has been bootie absconded from vanquished foes that have been beaten back into the Stone Age.

An America lacking a unified national will too lead the world by default will abdicate our leadership roll to whoever will fill our void. If we fail to lead the free world, someone else will. France is boldly charging forward to dominate the European Union, The European Union was conceived to unite the European countries as a counter-balance to America's dominance of world affairs, commerce, and power.

If America bows out of our war on terror in Asia it will drive home the lesson we taught them in Somalia, that gave Al Qaeda the green light to go forward against the paper tiger. This will spell the demise of America's strong and benevolent leadership of the world.

France and European Union although hoping to surpass America's economic dominance and influence of the world harbors too much internal, historic, animosities to successfully lead the world in a positive way for any length of time. America succeeded because as adventurers in a new place we didn't have ancient feuds with our ancestral neighbors to get in the way of a successful union. That said America’s revolutionary progressive socialists are hell bent on driving America’s traditional free-marketers to revolution. Human nature always finds a way.

Ancient European animosities among one renders them incapable of getting along with one another much less leading the world in an intelligent and benevolent fashion. Europe's growing socialism will bankrupt them, and this dynamic of internal infighting and economic problems will pave the road of opportunity for Europe's growing Islamic population too ally with their middle eastern and Asian brethren to destabilize Europe and establish Islamic dominance of Europe and the world.

Osuma Bin-Laden may have activated America's Achilles heel on September 11, when he awoke the sleeping giant that was preoccupied arguing with itself and the sleepy giant failed to reach consensus on how to proceed against such an invisible and complex enemy. In essence, our internal strife may give Osuma Bin-Laden the victory he sought although he probably won't be around to crack open the champagne.

America's divisiveness, ambivalence, and internal hatred have in effect fostered a dynamic that may forfeit our continued mastery of our own destiny.

I say lets not accept a submissive position from anyone, lets unite again and finish our good work emasculating megalomaniacs and turning the world into a trading juggernaut that collectively by their trading success will lose the will to wage war. Remember those who accept a submissive position are dominated or are vanquished. Those that choose to accept a submissive position reap the rewards of their fear, apathy, and inaction.

Many in America don’t want us to lead the world but when we abdicate our leadership we won’t be able to pick our successor and I will guarantee you it won’t be the United Nations benevolently running the world be committee.

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