Blue Lives Matter
The police have become sniper targets

Historical Profiling
(Racial Profiling)
By Daryl L. Hunter (1999)

Blue Lives Matter
America coming apart

In America our street patrolmen are our first line of defense against our law-breaking segment of society. Rookie patrolmen don't know much when they start their careers as they are at an apprentice level of knowledge. As time goes on they learn the ins and outs of their job from on going education from their superiors, their partners, other patrolman, local colleges, from their first hand experience and from the crooks themselves.

All of us in society have a personal history, and we draw from that personal history to make judgments for our future actions and decisions. Policemen during their careers have learned that a disproportionate number of lawbreakers belong to minority groups and rightly scrutinize these groups more intently than others.

We ask of these men and women to place themselves in harms way daily to protect you, me and our children. In so doing, these brave men and women hone a fine instinct from situational personal history, a skill built to keep them alive. As a fly fishing guide I often taught people to fish, setting the hook was part of the skill, you have 100'th of a second to set it. This doesn't provide any time to think, there is only reaction time; instinct and reaction learned during situational personal history from missing the hook set on many fish. Often, times reaction time is all a policeman has in a fluid situation. Policeman stay alive to protect us another day by exercising their situational personal history skills, i.e., survival skills by using every tool in their bag, instinct, reaction, knowledge, and history. Are there mistakes? yes, is this a perfect world? No.

All this hoopla about racial profiling is a bunch of hogwash, granted politically correct nomenclature has demonized racial profiling as a horrible activity, however, an honest person must concede that since a disproportionate number of historical offenders belong to minority groups, that "racial profiling" and "historical profiling" are synonymous, no honest person could argue that historical profiling is wrong. Furthermore, it is their duty to carry on and put their hard earned knowledge of police work history to the best use possible, not ignore it!

Historical profiling isn’t just racial, ratty cars and unkempt people are often scrutinized for drunk driving, drugs and drug dealing, as a young hippie I was profiled and searched, later I was searched as 30 something yuppie in the 80s fitting the profile as a coke dealer crossing the border alone after an  unusually short trip to Canada trip to try out Whistler Ski Resort while in a rental car. Annoyed by the incontinence, I did though understand they were optimizing their knowledge.

If America is to demand of our patrolman not to use what they have learned on the job while building their personal history and education of the streets, I think it only fair that all politically correct imbeciles do the same and erase their bogus, liberal, misrepresentation of common sense personal history conveyed to them by pseudo cultural referees and maybe then the world could be a better, safer and saner place.

Blue Lives Matter
Blue Lives Matter

Addendum 2010

• I wrote this article in 1999 sometime after the Amadou Diallo Diallo's death, the which sparked massive demonstrations against police brutality and racial profiling. All that added to the controversy of the 1998 shooting death of three young minority men by state troopers during a traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike helped spark a national debate on the issue of so-called "racial profiling" by law enforcement officials.

Since 1999 this column has been goggled often and I go back and reread it as many things have changed since 1999, more specifically 9/11 and Arizona’s effort to bolster local illegal alien authority (SB 1070). I reread it to see if the new reality on the ground, islamo-Facsism and illegal immigration, changes my original point. It doesn’t! My point about “Historical Profiling” has remained true despite the nuances of our ever-changing cultural dynamic and threats both foreign and domestic.

Addendum 2017:

It is much worse now than when I first wrote this in 1999, we are fucked as a nation.

Addendum 6/1/2020: I'd like to add an exclamation mark to my 2017 addendum!

Although the clearly unjust killing of George Floyd by the racist cop Derek Chauvin isn't an example of historical profiling, the aftermath is. I am betting as I do a little historical profiling of my own it will be proven the instigators of the rioting and the harnessing of the mob mentality of locals will be proven to be the work of the largely white, socialist, anarchists like ANTIFA.

!!!! Our nation is fucked!!!

Michael Moore falls into a historical profile type.

Don't be a Michael Moore.

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