Perscription Drugs - About The Cost By
Daryl L. Hunter

There was a time that I was outraged as everyone about the price Americans paid for prescription drugs, until someone told me the reason. It's because Americans are the ones that sue the drug companies. The price of this litigation has to be paid by someone, it may as well be paid by the litigious society as "the non litigious" society doesn't deserve the extra burden of this American induced expense.

America is trying to solve the drug price dilemma with a socialist solution (Medicare drug benefit), and it will not work. What will work is tort reform (laws limiting frivolous law suits). This will turn the tide of our society's litigious recklessness. You will not hear this from the Democrat Party because they're owned by the lawyers, and tort reform isn't in line with the Democratic Socialist Agenda, however, a Medicare drug benefit for all does further their socialist agenda, and panders to their constituency.

My outrage at drug prices has changed to outrage at the American people for their short sighted approach to problems they bring onto themselves and their idiotic solutions to them.

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