Pacifists, Diplomacy, the United Nations and War
By Daryl L. Hunter

The unreasonable among us believe we should reach consensus with an unreasonable, contentious and self-serving world via the United Nations. They want us to subordinate our autonomous right of decisive self-protection to those that sell weaponry to our enemy, these well meaning but ignorant folk think that this is a prudent path to self-protection.

Vitriolic Republican hater Tom Daschle during his latest faux saddening for the cameras cited George W. Bush with quote "This president failed so miserably at diplomacy that we're now forced to war". I say to Tom Daschle, Germany, Russia, China, and their proxies "the diplomats" all lacking altruism of purpose failed diplomacy not us. To achieve diplomatic success you must have honest brokers at the negotiating table. But what would Tom Daschle know about that? Shamefully this political theatre was performed on day our boys in uniform marched for Baghdad.

Hans Blix and his crew was a joke. As I watched him put on his Iraqi inspection show it reminded me of when I play hide and go seek with my 4-year-old boy. If I don't want to find him I turn my head the other way to facilitate him in his game. When I don't want to find him I don't. Sending Hans Blix on a search mission that finding something would result in war is like sending Susan Sarandon or Martin Sheen to do the job. If they don't want war they turn their head the other way.

American pacifists trapped in denial expect the United States to reach consensus with a few un-agreeable and unreasonable Europeans that possess interests that lie elsewhere. These ostriches must remove their head from its current predicament to enable their ability to see clearly. Peace at any cost will not result in lasting peace.

France has blatantly ignored the UN sanctions it was party to implementing and has continued to supply Iraq with banned goods for past eleven years. For instance as late as 1-1-03 France was supplying Iraq with replacement parts for Iraq's French made Mirage fighter jets. It has currently come to light that Russia has also been supplying Iraq with munitions. Russia currently has men on the ground in Iraq giving tech support to Iraqi soldiers on how to use Russian GPS scramblers that will make our smart bombs miss their target. Worse yet they have supplied the Iraqi Army with thousands of night vision goggles, which enables their soldiers to fight as well as us at night. Previous to this slap in the face we owned the night. Germany and China as UN members were signatories on the 17 resolutions and sanctions the UN placed on Iraq for acting in unacceptable and dangerous ways. As the war goes on I'm sure that Germany and China's fingerprints will show up on trade good items and munitions as well.

These countries had free reign to conduct their illicit business in Iraq during sanctions as they didn't have to compete with the United States for service contracts and munitions deals as the United States was not doing business with Iraq because of the UN sanctions all nations had agreed to.

If I were a country that was actively stabbing my allies in the back and arming their enemy while doing so I would hope that a weapons inspection team with the goals of the three wise monkeys (speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil,) would go on as long as possible so as not to disrupt business upsetting the apple cart.

All of these nations are UN members that silly Americans and an obstructionist world wanted us to get the OK from before disarming Iraq. This is a clear conflict of interest for these disingenuous, un-trustable nations. Nations of the UN must possess the testicular fortitude to back up their words and sanctions with action, lacking that you have an ineffectual entity. Nations crippled by duplicity of interest shouldn't even be allowed at the negotiating table much less hold veto power over honest nations trying to create a safer world.

Our righteous fight against terrorism is uncovering enemies that we would never have imagined. Not so many years ago I was under the illusion that trading with a cooperative world would enrich all nations. It was my belief that Russia, China and others were learning that they could profit more from a united world that cooperated and traded with one another instead of fought. If every country in the world were financially solvent they would have more money to buy from their neighbor.

The goal of a cooperative and peaceful world mandates punitive action for those that didn't play along. Evidently mankind hasn't yet reached that level of maturity. As I watch this international intrigue unfold I am disappointed that the noble goal a United Nations is impossible as apparently mankind has not yet attained the inner altruism needed to make this ideal of a cooperating organization for the greater good for all nations a functioning reality.

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