My Enemy Is Your Enemy
By Daryl L. Hunter (2003)

My enemy is your enemy; therefore, you are my friend. That is why we allied with Stalin, our ideological enemy, in 1939 and gave him billions of dollars of munitions during World War II.

Hitler partnered with the Japanese not because he included Asians in his master race concept, or because they shared the same worldview; he worked with them, despite his ideology, because they were the enemy of the United States, therefore, his friend.

In the 1980's we armed Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran. Our enemy, Iran, was Saddam's enemy; therefore, he was our friend.

Saddam's reason for giving the families of suicide bombers $25,000 for blowing up their sons wasn't altruism and solidarity with Islam. It was solely to perpetuate the Israel/Palestinian problem, the festering sore that breeds Islamic hate for America, a tool of Saddam, and Osuma.

Osuma's enemy is Saddam's enemy; therefore, despite their vast ideological differences; their common enemy bonded them together as friends. Saddam would have gladly armed Osuma and given him refuge, given the opportunity, if he hadn't already.

America has proven in Germany, Japan, and South Korea that armies and bombs annihilating evil tyrants = liberty, peace, and prosperity. Hopefully, the same prosperity will come to Afghanistan, the Balkans and Iraq via benevolent guidance from the USA.

An ununited America, an egocentric France, and a cowardly Germany, inadvertently worked to embolden Saddam. If the United States weren't at war with itself and could have put forward a united front of strength, our allies would have lined up with us, but no one will follow a bifurcated power.

Some in our country wanted to give Saddam the benefit of the doubt. If we are too ignorant, fearful, or too far into denial to protect our interest and security we will receive the security and safety we deserve as a reward for our vacillation, apathy, and ignorance.

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