Citizens For A Freer America
The United States OF America

By Daryl Hunter

It becomes clearer each day that the only way we can save Social Security is by legal intervention by the American People as it is not in our legislators interest to tamper with their Social Security Slush Fund. Our Social Security Trust Fund remains within the General Fund of the United States Treasury where imprudent federal spending continues to usurp the Trust Fund for matters it was never intended for. This 70+ years of commingling of the SSI Trust Fund inside the US Treasury has crippled it's original ability to be self-sustaining. If it had been in an account of it's own collecting interest or invested in a mutual fund spanning the spectrum of the 500 best performing stocks in America we would not be addressing a Social Security Trust Fund crisis today.

You hear a lot today about the Social Security surplus. It is in the news because of plans to usurp this surplus to reduce the on budget National Debt; the National Debt owned by the public. This is only an accounting trick because nothing is really paid or reduced as Uncle Sam is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and Uncle Sam will have to pay Peter interest on said loan to Paul. Uncle Sam has been involved in this shell game since Social Security's inception.

I take exception to the term of Social Security Surplus as it is not a surplus but the collective equity of the American People's retirement fund. This equity is not a slush fund for our legislators to dip into when they fail to spend within their budgetary constraints. These actions are no different from what went on in the 80's during the Savings and Loan scandals when the trustees of the Saving and Loans absconded with the inventory of their institutions. Apparently the only difference is Uncle Sam Keatting has no accountability.

Lets change this imbecilic oversight. I propose that Citizens For A Freer America sue the United States Of America on behalf of the American People for mismanagement of the Social Security Trust Fund. We will sue for back payment of the Social Security money squandered that should have been in trust, invested in an interest bearing account or interest bearing bonds. As such an amount of money would be unobtainable, we are prepared to settle for restructuring the current Social Security Trust Fraud into a true Trust Fund, removed from the General Fund of the United States Treasury, to be managed with much scrutiny and accountability as a growth fund by trustworthy trustees. Such management will halt the hemorrhage of Social Security Equity's thereby saving Social Security.

That's my proposal, lets find a way to make it happen.

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