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A letter from Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman

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Dear Judicial Watch Supporter:

     A frightened Republican Leadership is drawing the wrong conclusions from the disappointing Congressional elections and appear now to be considering abandoning all investigations of the Clinton scandals. The craven cowardice and lack of principle of Congressional GOP Leaders means that Judicial Watch is now your only hope for bringing Bill Clinton to justice.

     The truth is that Americans are not apathetic about the Clinton scandals...but voters also do not trust a Republican Congressional Leadership that seems ready to abandon its Constitutional duty at the first hint of political trouble. The campaign fundraising scandal -- including "Chinagate" -- (which was uncovered by Judicial Watch) -- has resulted in 14 criminal indictments so far. Furthermore, most Democrats in Congress say they will vote to Impeach if the charges in "Chinagate" and FBI "Filegate" and "IRS-gate" lawsuits will continue to move forward in the courts at warp speed with or without Congress.

     So far Judicial Watch's 21 active lawsuits have uncovered more solid evidence of crimes by the Clinton Administration and others than any Congressional investigation (for less than 1% of the cost). But we cannot bring Clinton, his corrupt regime, and other corrupt politicians to justice by ourselves. And you can't do it by yourself. You and Judicial Watch must act together -- as a team.

     In other words, Judicial Watch desperately needs your financial support if we are to continue this work. We have built a wonderful investigative engine that is truly on the brink of bringing Clinton and other corrupt politicians to legal accountability thanks to the support we have received from so many Americans. But we need patriots like you to help put fuel in Judicial Watch's tank by sending your largest possible gift today. Please try to send a tax-deductible $25, $50, $100, $250 (or more if you can afford it) to help JUDICIAL WATCH continue funding lawsuits against the Clinton Administration and others -- because you and I can't afford to wait for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to do their job.

     I wanted to thank you personally for agreeing to help Judicial Watch's efforts to restore integrity in our government. To insure your contribution is secure, we have made a commitment to using state of the art encryption software. Users of older browsers may encounter various warning messages. Rest assured this transaction is secure. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me personally at 202-646-5172 and thank you again for your help in our efforts.


Larry Klayman
Chairman and General Counsel

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