Al Gore Concedes

Although 36 days late Al Gore finally gave us what we have all been hoping for, a concession speech. Better a little late than a little never, as some say.

It was a conciliatory speech, and Citizens For A Freer America will take him at his word as we are weary from the fight but full of hope for the Bush Administration.

I have become as partisan as they come since Hillary Care, Impeachment and the Chad Factor, but I do hope for a time when the differences of the Left and the Right result in spirited debate instead of hate. This is why George W. Bush is good for the country and why Al Gore would have been bad. Al knows nothing but divide and conquer pitting one faction against another.

When the Democrats put fourth Al Gore I was a happy man as I thought Al Gore would be a slam dunk after 8 years of Clinton-Gore. I clearly have too high of a regard for the judgment of many of the people of America. I guess The promise of the Democrat's Socialism is such a powerful narcotic they will follow anyone. I will never again cheer an opponent selection that I couldn't accept upon my parties defeat.

Farwell Al Gore.

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