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If you think that the financial collapse of America is improbable, I would like to point out how improbable it seemed to the Russian people during the 60's that their economy could collapse while competing with America for the race to the Moon and World domination.
It is a widely accepted belief that the liberal mindset pivots on feelings of the heart (emotions) more so than critical analysis..........
The archdiocese of Boston is seeking permission from the Vatican to declare moral bankruptcy. Of course they remain silent about the moral part, due to their inability to sort that kind of thing out.

The Greatest Engine
By Daryl L. Hunter

John Adams, Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington created a dynamic that fosters the greatest engine for peace and prosperity that has ever existed, the Constitution of the United States of America. Lesser men with the noblest of intentions are destroying it.
A very illustrative Flash Movie. Tom Daschle says we shouldn't drill for oil there, this movie illustrates Tom Daschle's stupidity.
Tally up another one for the National Park Service cell of the Eco-tally-BAN. They scored a major public relations coup by their announcement to the Associated Press that they have acquired respirators for the workers at the West Yellowstone National Park

Democracy's Achilles Heel
By Daryl L. Hunter

Today's partisan politics begs the question, who's side are they on anyway? and regardless of which party the answer spoken in deeds not words are always the side of their party. And America is becoming the victim of their divisive ways.

Racial Profiling
By Daryl L. Hunter

Racial profiling and historical profiling are synonymous, no honest person could argue that historical profiling is wrong!

Freedom's Salvation?
By Daryl L. Hunter


Could individual States opt out of federal program participation? What would it entail? Could this be an insurance policy for our American way

Ghetto Politics
By Daryl L. Hunter

Something is rotting, then floating to the top of the Democratic Party's stratagem, Ghetto Politics?

What If?
By Daryl L. Hunter

What if for instance we granted the northeastern United States including Michigan their liberal wish of the Socialism they have been trying to force upon us all, however the catch would be they would be annexed to Canada........

The Electoral College
By Daryl L. Hunter

The Electoral College Equals 50 Popular Votes. 50 popular votes are better than one!
Along with a small but growing number of conservative black leaders, I have challenged the chokehold that Establishment-ordained "black leaders" have on black Americans......
I would like to thank the Eco-Tally-BAN for once again marginalizing themselves by putting forth an imbecile's argument...

Economics 101
By Walter Williams

If it weren't for the fact of scarcity, there'd be no economic issues. Scarcity simply means we all want more of something, but there are not enough resources on Earth to satisfy every want. That means we must find a way to determine who is going to get what's available.

NAACP Rebuked
By Daryl L. Hunter

Why does the NAACP's effort for advancement alienate 50% of the nation, while polarizing 100% of the nation?
The latest update of America's shameful liberal media bias punctuated with an all to rare atta-boy.

Prescription Drugs
By Daryl L. Hunter

Why Americans pay more for prescription drugs, and what to do about it.

American Socialism
By Daryl L. Hunter

We are incrementally voting ourselves into a Socialist Society, albeit negligently.

What is Conservatism?
By Daryl L. Hunter

Conundrum or Paradox? Daryl L. Hunter's analyzes some of conservatism's apparent contradictions.
Litigation against the United States Of America may be the only way to save Social Security.

Rush to Fatalism
By Daryl L. Hunter

Have we accepted perpetual growth of the National Debt? Some advocate such a policy that squanders $450 Billion a year.
The Clinton-Gore 21st Century Bridge to Beijing.
Representative Dr. Ron Paul (R-14-TX. Ron Paul does an excellent job of clearing up this misunderstanding.

"Fixing Social Security" - Just Another Fraud -

Don't read this! it's much to upsetting. Investigative Report by Tom H. Smith
Yes, this speech is all over the Internet but that is because everyone wants to read it.

Al Gore Memorial Page

Bill Clinton Memorial Page

They are gone but not forgotten, nor shall we let them be. Get your Al Gore Cyber Effigy here, and other graphic mementos!
Food For Thought

"If you weren't a Liberal before you were 30 you have no heart. If you haven't become a Conservative after turning 30 you have no brain!"

Winston Churchill?

Some insight from Cowboy Poet Clark Wheeldon and a pertinent taxes and IRS commentary by Daryl Hunter
More from Cowboy Poet Clark Wheeldon
A fine newspaper from the most conservative state in the USA!
The National Riffle Association is leading the charge in protecting our right to bear arms. They are also actively trying to get the Department of Injustice to prosecute criminals that are breaking our existing gun laws. Visit their site, then join their fight.
A wonderful grassroots forum for freedom loving conservative folks. News stories are posted from resourses from around the world, and you are welcome to post your own.
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