The Eco-tally-ban's Heli-skiing Ban
by Daryl L. Hunter

I would like to thank the Eco-tally-ban (The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Wyoming Outdoor Council, and Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and others) for once again marginalizing themselves by putting forth an imbecile's argument to further their anti multiple use agenda of the peoples playground, our national forests and parks.

The Eco-tally-ban (http://www.free-press.biz/eco-tally-ban.htm) is concerned about heli-ski operators scarring and stressing the wildlife living in snow deep enough that a powder hounds will pay $590.00 a day to ski it. Well I am of the mind that if any poor animal happens to be up there in powder heaven it is our duty as compassionate human beings to scare those silly animals down into the valley where they can get something to eat. Yes I know Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep sometimes winter on mountain tops but I've seen where they winter and you wouldn't catch me skiing there with your rock skis much less take a paying customer there.

The Eco-tally-ban are the same folks that don't want us to snowmobile on the paved highways of Yellowstone because it makes it to easy for Bison to get from one food source to another therefore not enough of them are starving to death every winter, as if starving to death doesn't stress them.

The financial well-being of helicopters operators should be important to anyone who recreates in the woods as they are often the ones that come and save us or our loved ones when we screw up and hurt ourselves in the mountains.

Soon the Eco-tally-ban will want to outlaw kite flying because a kite might hit an eagle in the ass.


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