Bill Clinton's 21st Century Bridge to Beijing
By Daryl Hunter

Our once impeached president escaped justice, a case hastily assembled by Kenneth Starr in his effort to get this treasonous administration away from the sensitive information they have given away, sold, or allowed to be stolen to and by the Communist Chinese. It is our belief at Citizens for A Freer America that Kenneth Starr went forward with what appeared to be the most expedient way to re-secure our country to patriotic Americans who value our sovereignty. In retrospect, Kenneth Star should have gone the tortoise route and doggedly pursued bill clinton's treasonous acts, and other impeachable offenses he was investigating. However sometimes the wheels of justice turn slow, and Kenneth Star had what appeared to be a SLAM DUNK in the perjury and obstruction of justice charges in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

Today empowered with 20 -20 hindsight we can all see what we couldn't imagine possible before. Cronyism run rampant, Senators perjuring themselves to protect one of their own. Well I hope that those complicit self serving perjurers pay for their egregious indiscretions aginst America at the ballot box in their home districts.

By impeaching Bill Clinton on what appeared to be the most expedient charges, the majority of Americans have never learned of his treasonous acts. Aided by duplicity of the press, his aids and an apathetic American public ignorant of the facts, this felonious administration will finish out their term spreading their rhetorical poison and selling the security of this country to the highest bidder, a slippery slope possibly railroading us toward a one world government a compromised America may be to incompetent to lead.

Judicial Watch Inc. is the only entity with the wherewithall or will to persue President Clinton's crimes. Judicial Watch's - "Interim Report on Crimes and Other Offenses Committed by President Bill Clinton Warranting His Impeachment and Removal from Elected Office" - are linked below. The link titled Interim Report is the whole and very large document. The following links are short cuts to juicy parts of the document.

This document and links load slow but it's worth the wait.

Interim Report

File Gate

  1. Details of the Harassment.
  2. Conclusion.
  1. The Cover-Up.
  1. Clinton's Fundraising Push Likely Resulted in Breaches of National Security.
  1. Conclusion.
  1. Conclusion
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