Attention Republican Legislators,

Concerning our Republican tax cuts I do understand the Republican rationalization that Congress will spend anything they can get their hands on, and history does back this up. But this reactive instead of proactive fatalistic approach to the stewardship of Americas money is short sighted, selfish, lazy, cowardly, and worst of all, politically expedient. The more I study this expediency, the more I understand why all the great democracies of history averaged only 200 years in longevity. The want of re-election plus the demand for pork, equals corpulent budgeting, dividing the people, subtracting respect and support, the result = anarchy.

A much better approach would be Contract With America 2008.

We should declare that after consulting with your constituency and upon closer inspection, the makeup of the projected surplus and all the confusion brought on by X many years of commingling the Social Security Trust Fund with the General Fund, that it is time to face the music and swallow a bitter pill.

We need to,Create a separate account for the Social Security Trust Fund. The Fund to be managed as a growth fund. This move subtracts 2 trillion dollars or our Social Security Equity from the General Fund, where it should never have been in for the past 70? years. The remaining 1 trillion dollar surplus should be handled as follows, 250 billion to a tax cut to appease the masses and correct some of the inane inequities of the tax code, and the remaining 750 billion dollars used for real debt reduction. Reduce the size of government

Because 750 billion dollars doesn't amount to a hill of beans over ten years for the debt, we owe ($5.7 trillion+) $750 billion = 13.4% of the outstanding debt. Since 1.34% annual National Debt reduction is unacceptable because of the 74 year payoff, I propose we further cut the size of government. Get rid of the Department of Education, National Endowments for the Arts, Public Television and Radio, and all spending not essential to the functioning of the federal government or the safety of it, or would better be administered by the individual states. The structure of the Lyndon Johnson's Great Society socialist entitlements we choose to keep need to be restructured so the entitlements grow only at the rate of inflation. We also need to educate the public of how inept the growth structure of these entitlements were conceived, and how they are bleeding America to death.

This could be accomplished by creating a board of directors like committee composed of half Democrats half Republicans, all being or having been CEO's or CFO's of fortune 500 companies. They would review departments and programs to cut or eliminate, then make a presentation to the Nation on why to cut or eliminate them. After a period of informing the public we would have a national referendum and upon each successful cut or elimination, the committee would be awarded a bonus tied to the percentage of savings they provided to the country. This would be accompanied with FYI public announcements to educate the public on the how and why of the cuts. And if they are unhappy with it, they should participate in the next referendum.

Pass the American Heritage Amendment to the Constitution

There is one entitlement we have to create. A child born today inherits a $100,000.00+ lean against his lifetime earnings resulting from our failure to live within our means. Our children are entitled to a balanced budget, free from National Debt. We should set a goal to have the National Debt wiped out by 2022, the year a baby born today graduates from college and is ready to take on their own responsibility as a taxpayer more able to forge their own destiny unencumbered by their parents and grandparents debt. It must be a law written in stone that no further debt be acquired accept in times of national emergency and even then to establish a clear and expedient way of eliminating the newly acquired debt in a timely and responsible timetable. If sold correctly to America's youth, this could bring millions of young people into the Republican Party.

When our country needs a large influx of cash, our legislators can enact temporary tax increases that expire at the end of the fiscal year on the second year of each legislative session. That gives them time to renew said tax increase before the end of the session if needed. Such an expiration on tax increases will seriously impede thoughtless growth of government and upon every renewal, the congress would have to make it's case to the American People.

Campaign Finance Reform

Senator John McCain is right about campaign finance reform however his plan is incomplete. I thought long about this after I found out it would hurt us Republicans more than Democrats because we are the masters of legal soft money; however, if handled properly, we could make this a point of how this hurts our party more than the Democratic Party, however, it is the right thing to do. Like it or not, pork barrel spending is undoing this country, deteriorating our nations financial future as well as the integrity of its legislators and the public trust of said legislators. And by pointing out the connection between China's illegal campaign contributions, Bill Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee's soft money the whole point will help us immensely for 2000.

In successive years as Bill Clinton fades into a bad memory in his Leavenworth cell for treason, the loss of Republican soft money will hurt us more unless while we have the chance, we impress the country with our substance over expedience message to the people gaining a valuable undying trust. But, there is one constant about trust, and that is you have to be trustworthy. We Will Soon have the Bully Pulpit, lets make better use of it than we did our Congressional majority!

The reason the loss of soft money hurts us more is because we need more corporate cash to offset our smaller blue collar grassroots support. I must ask, Why do we have less blue collar grassroots support than the Democrats? Well they take care of their constituency with socialism handouts. We can successfully counter their hand outs by informing the American people of the cost of the hand outs ($5.7 trillion National debt), and the benefits of sucking in the belt, securing our financial well being instead. Substance over expedience can prevail; it just isn't expedient. We must tie any elimination of soft money to the elimination of Labors monetary participation in politics (the McCain Feingold Achilles heel). The AFL-CIO, Teamsters, etc., has a Bully Pulpit of it's own compounded by monstrous campaign funding machine that backs candidates often times against the will of their membership.

A level playing field will benefit us all, Republicans, Democrats, and Reformers alike, these measures will provide easier entry to elected office for aspiring citizen legislators and impede the stranglehold incumbents have in defending their seats by eliminating the corrupting Pork Barrel Carrot.

After all, this is about the well being of America. Not a protection racket for our political careers.

Establish government accountability information

Pledge to build a public information and accountability web site concerning Contract With America 2000, posting all progress or lack there of, with track records and voting records of all legislators.

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