Nancy Pelosi Neuters Blue Dog DemocratsBy Daryl L. Hunter

Blue dog democrats

Blue Dog Democrats Heath Shuler of North Carolina and Walt Minnick of my state of Idaho have been metaphorically neutered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and now like all blue dog Democrats are obediently lining up behind Nancy Pelosi with their tails tucked between their legs to turn America into a socialist, welfare, nanny state.

It is unfortunate and surprising that a quarterback like Heath Shuler would become a liberal pawn as most quarterbacks that go into politics become conservative republicans like J.C. Watts, Lynn Swan, and the late, great Jack Kemp. It is surprising to me because it has been my observation that “Conservative are from Mars, Liberals are from Venus.” And they rarely line up with the metro sexual types on issues.

When I think of quarterbacks I think macho, when I think of Democrats I think of Barney Frank.

The Blue Dog Democrats used to stand for something (fiscal conservatism) but now they don’t. Although they claim to be a fiscal conservative, Shuler did vote against the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. That said it was only with a tentative nod from Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel that he did so as they already had enough votes to pass the bill without Shuler and other blue dogs having to risk the wrath of a conservative district that hesitatingly voted Democrats against their better judgment because of conservative promises.

If Shuler and his blue dog coalition of which Shuler is the Whip were really conservatives, I wouldn’t be worried about the Democrats being able to pass the Cap and Trade Bill (H.R. 2454.) which will cost every American Family an extra $3,000 per year. I also wouldn’t have to worry about them shoving an unsustainable health care system down our throats.

When I was doing my national debt study in 1999 I looked into the Blue Dog Coalition and thought it was something that I could be a part of, and I even gave them an honorable mention on my “Citizens For A Freer America” website boy do I regret that now.

Reports indicate that many members of Congress, especially Democrats in agriculture and coal states, are still undeclared on many of these issues, but they are facing enormous pressure from (Democrat re-election purse strings) Pelosi, and Obama to start delivering on Cap and Trade and their bastardized socialized medicine witch will bankrupt our country.

It is my hope that Blue Dogs like Walt Minnick and Heath Shuler will have the epiphany of their neutered state and will tire of living with their tail between their legs and will realize that they are undermining Thomas Jefferson’s America only to be replaced with the Obama/Pelosi Marxist utopia.

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