The Network News "Our National Disgrace"

99% of all our national news media leans so far to the left I don't see how they keep from falling on their face. The shame of it is, is the national media shapes American opinion by spoon feeding information they want America to have. Communism had their propaganda ministries and America has ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. Someday may the light shine through.

The executives at NBC should be horse whipped for their disgraceful handling of the Wanita Brodrick story and all the networks should be ashamed for televising the impeachment defense but not the prosecution. They owe it to the world to report responsibly and impartially.

I don't believe that they want to be labeled as propagandists, so they should apologize and change their ways. If not, their credibility will keep pace with their dwindling ratings. If reporting half truths and and sitting on stories not of their liking is their chosen path, their credibility should rank right with the National Enquirer.

The more I watch their one sided reporting, or lack there of, concerning politics the more I think that Joseph MaCarthy may have been onto something.

We can't say it like Media Research Center does so you really need to spend some time at their web site also! it's comprehensive, awesome and right.

Shameless Examples

Media bias about Clinton and China

Aside from all of the above I would like to thank the alleged journalist Geraldo Rivera (CNBC) who's noxious and revolting style inspired me to start this organization. I now see why Geraldo, a Lawyer, does not practice law, he has no concept, understanding or respect for it. His love and dedication to the alleged rapist, sexual predator, purger (Bill Clinton), leads me to believe that Bill must be servicing him also.

Geraldo I dedicate this organization to you!


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