Bill Clinton Memorial Page Gone but not forgeten!
Blessings A few thoughts on, well blessings
Al Gore Memorial Page What can I say?
Immigration Pro and Con A comprehensive analysis
An LA Times Pro Gun Editorial Amazing!
What Kind Of Gun An argument for guns a soccer mom may understand.
The Electorial College The Electorial College equeal 50 popular votes.
Wilderness A conservatives surprising view.
Contract with America 2004 What Congress should be doing and isn't.
Citizens For A Freer AmericaVerses the USA The only thing washington understands is Lawers, lets send them some.
Running The Liberal Hate Maze
by Ezola Foster
Along with a small but growing number of conservative black leaders, I have challenged the chokehold that Establishment-ordained "black leaders" have on black Americans......
Ghetto Politics
 By Daryl L. Hunter
Something is rotting, then floating to the top of the Democratic Party's stratagem, Ghetto Politics?
Charleston Heston Speech Yes, this speech is all over the Internet but that is because everyone wants to read it.
Boston's Morally Bankrupt Church
By Daryl L. Hunter
The archdiocese of Boston is seeking permission from the Vatican to declare moral bankruptcy. Of course they remain silent about the moral part, due to their inability to sort that kind of thing out.
The Electoral College
 By Daryl L. Hunter
The Electoral College Equals 50 Popular Votes. 50 popular votes are better than one!
The Eco-tally-ban's Heli Ski Ban
By Daryl L. Hunter
I would like to thank the Eco-Tally-BAN for once again marginalizing themselves by putting forth an imbecile's argument.
Prescription Drugs
By Daryl L. Hunter
Why Americans pay more for prescription drugs, and what to do about it.
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