The Greatest Engine
By Daryl L. Hunter - 2006

John Adams, Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington created a dynamic that fosters the greatest engine for peace and prosperity that has ever existed, the Constitution of the United States of America. Lesser men with the noblest of intentions are destroying it.

President Roosevelt's New Deal and President Johnson's Great Society, although conceived by earlier generations, has been sold to ours and embraced. Conceived with empathy and good intentions. These and most social programs fail to factor human nature's fallibility into their operation equation. Provided with an easier path it is human nature to take it. A society that removes the risk of failure nurtures complacency. A society that removes incentive invites lethargy. A society that penalizes prosperity condemns prosperity to failure. This is the dynamic we are now creating as our legislators buy your vote with the currency of the national treasury.

Today's baby boom generation has refocused a myopic eye off the well being of "The Greatest Engine" onto what they perceive as the general welfare of the currant 300 million temporary occupants of this land.

The Great Societies, cradle to grave, insurance's provides another recipe for national fiscal collapse. Bureaucracy administers these programs; fiscally apathetic bureaucracy via human nature fosters bloat and waste, and crippling exponential bloat results in institutional collapse.

Baby boomers, "The Me Generation" have proven it’s egocentric nature and reputation in its embrace of the paradigm of America's new socialism; Generation X and Y will follow our lead into oblivion. It befuddles me that we are willing to send our sons to defend our way of life while safely from the refuge of our homes we mandate our legislators to divvy up the national pie, exceeding the pie's logical limits.

Sixty years ago the greatest generation stepped up to the plate and selflessly subordinated their safety and very existence to something that was greater than them, "The Greatest Engine." They understood that as individuals we are nothing but a mass of expendable protoplasm with a finite beginning and end that traveled a path, more or less, of our own making, and in the big picture, shouldn't be prioritized ahead of something as great as "The Greatest Engine" at the expense of something more valuable to us that isn't finite, our progeny.

We inherited a Jeffersonian Republic and we leave our progeny the blueprint for Karl Marx's socialism a leaner meaner country bereft of the opportunity we took full advantage of and then some.

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