Ghetto Politics - Desperate Measures For Desperate Times

By Daryl L. Hunter (2001)

Something is rotting, then floating to the top of the Democratic Party's stratagem, Ghetto Politics. With our closely divided country Democrats have increased their activity to recruit and develop their populist constituency. Democrats have come to realize most of their base is not the politically correct, suburbanite, do-gooder, soccer mom who wants to contribute handouts to the needy. The Democrats greatest opportunity for growth is the ghetto dweller with a hand out, felons, and former illegal aliens, A very effective reciprocity has developed where Democrats feed those at the bottom, then those recipients of Democrat largess feed the bottom feeding Democrats their vote.

Democrats newest special interest group "Felons" is making headway. The Democrats are proposing legislation that would legalize a felon's right to vote as it seems unfair to deprive the Democrats such a large portion of the ghetto's possible voters, a possible gold mine of Democrat votes. Illegal votes by felons in Florida narrowed the gap between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Had it been legal for felons to vote and a larger percentage of felons turned out than did, Al Gore might have won?

Democrats are also behind a big push about racial profiling (historical profiling). Granted racial profiling is a horrible concept, however, an honest person must concede that since a disproportionate number of lawbreakers belong to minority groups, that racial profiling and historical profiling are synonymous, and no one can argue historical profiling is wrong.

Democrats are also finding that if they turn more non-Americans into brand-new certified-Americans, then promise a populist utopia to such new-Americans, the Democrats will receive most of this non-American, new-American vote.

Non freeloading Democrats should be embarrassed by many of their voting peers. Proper embarrassment begs self analysis and should trigger a personal inventory of what makes a Democrat voter and more importantly, what are the long term consequences of a Democrat vote? Are you a Democrat because of one issue, i.e., environment, abortion, gay rights, or social security status quo, if so one might analyze if your pet issue vote enables dire financial ramifications for America caused by the Democrat freeloader constituency.

The Democrat populist agenda sounds well meaning and compassionate but what good is that if it creates an un-sustainable drain on America's financial solvency. What is compassionate about bankrupting the greatest, most compassionate nation on earth, a nation that enables the most innovative, constructive, industrious, people on earth to achieve their greatest potential by getting out of their way and not hog-tying them with high taxes to support a lethargic non performing segment of the society?

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