Sacrosanctity of our founding
By Daryl L. Hunter 12/20/2020


It saddens me to find as I have in the past few years our country is rotten to its core. How these turds could float to the top of power in the Senate, House, FBI, CIA is a shame.   The lack of respect for the great gifts our founding fathers artful architecture of the balance of power for benefit of all dumbfounds me.

I guess it should be no surprise  the narcissism of megalomania has no boundaries and is devoid of altruism, After all, we are merely animals all dressed up with airs of supremacy because of our larger cerebrum. Larger cerebrum didn’t negate the elemental Alpha and Beta nature inherent of all creatures of nature. Our second president and founding father John Adams warned us about this a few centuries ago when he wrote; It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than Aristocracy or Monarchy.”

Alpha’s true to their animal instinct will fight to their death whether by antler, horn claw, or in our case of western democracies artful phrase, overcooked hyperbole or incisive lie, the alpha megalomaniac will make promises that are unlikely unable to be fulfilled. The betas, we of the herd of the species, hardwired for a leader to follow chose the rainbow promiser that appeals to our personal disposition. Some desire promises of security of being, others prefer the  promise of the risk/reward dichotomy wanting only the security of a solid foundation of the national playing field to enable them to succeed or fail of their own ability instead of the security of being like the former. Grazing animals form herds, lions form coalitions, human herds are tribes; tribes form personal characteristics, our associations are our tribes albeit not by the same label.  

Not unlike the meth head who will steal from their grandmother, the megalomaniac drunk on or hungry for power will bulldoze altruism and wipe out the country next door or undermine with subterfuge even the best-laid foundation of the most altruistic  democracy or republic, the willfully blind or busy, dutifully follows along; this yen and yang or representative government enables disengagement and can be a recipe for abuse of trust.

Because of my profound respect for our founding, I wrongfully believed most of us treasured the sacrosanctity of its genius for the sake of their progeny; I am so wrong, megalomaniacs treasure nothing but themselves, but sadly their followers trust them. We of the herd are to often preoccupied foraging for our day to day existence and futures so trustingly and carelessly so,  we outsource our critical thinking to our representative which some are altruistic; however, others are aspirant  megalomaniacs in training. 

Our progeny will pay the price for  our collective apathy, misplaced trust, or blind allegiances to people whose aspirations are different from their own despite the promised rainbow’s pot of gold of choice.


Has ignorance or bias caused me to fall in behind the espousing tribal leader of false promise; perhaps, but the promised rainbows are the ones of the choice of my herd; conversely, the other herd as I perceive it from long term observation have concluded is the antithesis of common sense whose perverse reward system is completely askew by purposefully progressing away from our founding?  In these divisive and confusing times, though I will always side with those who don’t fight against Voter ID because our vote is the mortar that hopefully holds our constitutional republic a little longer.

Our founders, scholarly men over a period of years of studying governments of history, their frailties and strengths, the psychology of the powerful and of followers; they analyzed why seemingly good ones failed then divined from this knowledge an idealized yet admittedly fragile document, a contract with the people instead of powerful and they new of it’s weaknesses, all summed  up by Alexander Hamilton; “The Truth unquestionably is the only path to a subversion of the republican system of the country is by flattering the prejudices of the people, and exciting their jealousies and apprehensions, to throw affairs into confusion, and bring civil commotions.”

Surprise surprise; here we are.


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