Liz Cheney RINO

Liz Cheney turns her back on Conservatives
By Daryl L. Hunter

Liz Cheney committed  political suicide by voting to impeach, sad to see as I had great hopes for her.  Until the past few years I was a very vocal supporter in Jackson Hole where she was hated with a passion and I received a lot of local vitriol.  I thought her migration too Benedict Arnold on conservatism was influence from Dick who likely followed the Bush’s into never Trumpism too the point of voting for Hillary. I was asked on a talk show whether I  thought it had anything to do with Trump quitting wars and making peace instead of feeding the military industrial complex. I replied; "I hadn't considered that as I had grown to believe the former to be the reason, but it did ring true considering her dads vested interest in Haliburton and long held hawkish positions.

Dick Cheney fly-fishing

This was a huge disappointment for me as Dick was a huge influence on me and I was a great admirer, I have guided them fishing. I suppose when she challenged Senator Enzi, I should have questioned her judgment then, I assumed she had inside information that he was going to retire, I was wrong.    I supported her anyway because Enzi was entering that stage in a senator’s career when they become more indebted to lobbyists to fund their incumbency than to those who sent them to DC.

Oh the left will smile upon her for about ten minutes as they do momentarily with the likes of the John McCain’s of the Republican Party. RINO Romney will look upon her with glistening eyes as his VP candidate in his feeble lust for glory.  John Kasich will wish he was still in  the House so he could have been the top RINO to stab President Trump in the back. Jeff Flake will welcome her to the  political graveyard with open arms.  Most important of all legacy media pundits will praise her and after she is booted from office the Murdock brothers will offer her a position on mangy and floundering Fox News.


I challenge anyone to find the call to take over the capital;
hence, the justifiable repudiatation below in his first sentence

Transcript of controversial President Trump's January 6th


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