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Illegal Alien Solution

Grain being harvested
Harvesting grain

I once met a state department consular who worked in a Mexican consulate; we had a conversation.

I asked him: “What is the criteria you ask for when an earnest and ambitious eighteen year old comes to you and applies for a visa?”

Consular; “I ask them if they own any land!”

Me;  “So being a land owner is a prerequisite for a visa?

Consular; Yes! If they are land owners, they are more likely to not overstay a visa with intent of staying in the USA”.

Me;  “so the young ambitious young man or women who isn’t a land owner who just wants to make some seed money to bring home to finance a better life, and maybe buy some land, has to hire a coyote to smuggle them across the border, which is so difficult, young people like this just stay in the USA instead of returning to their homes and families?

Consular; “yes”

Brilliant isn’t it folks, our government at work – good grief!

I have a better Idea:

Our country during boom years sometimes need 10 million temporary workers, we should make it easier, not harder to meet the needs of American employers and Mexican temporary workers. 

Paruvian Shepard
A Peruvian shepherd

The “FIRST”  work visa should be easy to get if the worker meets a couple of conditions. First, they have provided their own health care insurance before issuance of the visa.  Second they agree to never file for public assistance. Third that they understand that if they violate their work visa or file for public assistance they will have a lifetime ban from ever receiving another. Today they are paying coyotes for ilegal entry help, the same money could be used for legal entry and it’s health insurance mandate.

This would stop the illegal alien drain on our health care system, and it will make it easy for them to come and go seasonally as needed.  The efficiency being; they take their wealth home and improve their own country.  Also they are incentivized by reasonable incentives to never violate visa agreements.

Employers who need labor could, and already do, help with obtaining visas and health insurance.

Today’s idiotic system promotes illegal entry and after the last head of lettuce is harvested, the illegal alien is incentivized to go onto public assistance instead of going home to their family.

Farming Wyoming
Farming Wyoming

The matching of willing foreign workers with jobs needs to be done from Mexico, not in the USA.   The only way we will keep workers at jobs that Americans are unwilling to do is to have new workers come in from Mexico as we send the ones back with expired visas. If they stay here to long they acquire the skills of Americans, then they take their jobs, just as they do everyday by the millions in the construction trades. That certainly keeps construction costs down nicely though, doesn’t it?

A friend of mine, a former homebuilder, quit building because he wasn’t going to hire illegal aliens so he couldn’t compete with those (the majority) who did.  He is a smart guy and is now a slant driller in the oil patch, ($600.00 per day) oddly enough though he has been mandated by management to train an illegal alien who rose up from roughneck to do the same job.

US immigration law says the per country quota states no country can send more than 7% of the total worldwide immigration, this translates to 25,620 people per country per year despite the counties size. Proponents of your legislation say our 11 million illegal aliens will have to go to the end of the line and wait their turn. Considering the 25,620 per year quota, 11 million people from Mexico will be waiting in a line that will take 429 years to legally process.

An inarguable dynamic of this whole debate is that in time amnestied workers will move out of undesirable jobs and into those desired by Americans. Of course by then the politician’s un-amnesty will have made them citizens and it will be time for another tsunami of illegal aliens to replace our upwardly mobile new Americans, the beneficiaries of the un-amnesty

A gross failure of this legislation is the lack of a requirement of employer mandated health insurance, it should be the responsibility of the beneficiary of cheap labor (employers) to foot the medical cost of imported labor, not the taxpayers.

Another bogus argument is that we can’t just all of the sudden kick 12 million people out of the country at once. No one can really expect that nor should we. We should issue a one-year warning for them to get their affairs in order by working with their employer to rehire them legally out of Mexico where America could have in place an expeditive process for such rehires that would include issuance of green cards and temporary visas that could be carried out in a quick, efficient and legal way.

Farming Idaho
Farming Idaho

Those who do not comply sooner or later will show up at the jail, traffic stop or raid of business’ that employ them, or turned in by an employer that spots a phony green card, at which time the alien could be deported. Not in an endless train to Tijuana but by steady legal attrition. I am confidant that we can find 12 million legal workers in Mexico to replace the illegal aliens we send back to their homes.

Somehow it became a custom to give illegal aliens a deportation hearing. Many argue it is too expensive to have millions of deportation hearings so the argument is to let them stay.  Bad idea!

The affordable way:

I propose that abutting our new wall with Mexico, we have several detention facilities for Illegal aliens with in house public defenders and judges.  Not only that, but an open door into Mexico for if the ilegal alien chooses to voluntarily self deport instead of waiting for the free hearing.  Tens of thousands would choose the open door. A mandatory felony if they ever return.


FYI, my Great Grandfather was an ilegal alien from Mexico
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