Let's avoid the blame for fiscal cliff
By Daryl L. Hunter

OK, first of all I am a very conservative voter who considers himself a conservative RINO. I vote republican because I won't ever again vote for an independent that will take a vote away from the republican candidate.

That said: I think the argument can be made that we should let the taxes go up on high income earners only if we exclude S corporations. It is small business that we are trying to protect. When democrats cry about this one, their hypocrisy can be exposed. It will suck for the high-income individual, but I don't think this will hurt the economy much; most in that income category pay most of their taxes in capitol gains anyway.

The democrats won't separate the S corporations from individuals because they want this move to be a surreptitious tax upon middle-class business owners, yes we must protect these entrepreneurs. I would hope that if we let this tax go up to 39% on high earning "INDIVIDUALS" and excluded S corporations that our smarter constituents would understand this tactic if sold properly.

The concept of cutting taxes to increase revenue is impossible for the stupid to understand. The democrats cater to the stupid, lie to the stupid, then mobilize the stupid against us. Tough luck for the USA that the uninformed have an equal vote as the informed.

In a perfect world I'd like to hold our ground, and we could, but since a majority of the American public is proven themselves stupid and gullible, I think without throwing the gullible a bone it will kill us in 2014 and 2016 if we leave ourselves open to be blamed for being unreasonable. I think it would be reckless politics to take the blame for us going off the fiscal cliff.

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