Cooke City Montana


Welcome to Cooke City, Colter Pass, and Silver Gate, Montana, the heart of the Beartooth Mountains! These communities offer spectacular scenery and endless opportunities for summer and winter recreation.

beartoothCooke City and Silver Gate are small towns with that old western charm. They are surrounded by the mountains and located just outside of Yellowstone National Park. Cooke City is known as the hidden gateway and only 4.5 miles to Yellowstone. Silver Gate is 1 mile from the Northeast entrance to Yellowstone Nation Park. Colter Pass a few miles to the east provides the access to the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone River, The Beartooth Mountains “All American Road” to Red Lodge, MT sometimes called the Beartooth Highway and is rated within the top 5 most scenic drives in America. Cody, WY is just a short drive through the beautiful Dead Indian Pass (Chief Joseph Scenic Highway).

bighorn sheepCooke City and Silver Gate have a lot to offer for those wanting to get away from it all. These are just a few of the things you can do when visiting Cooke City: fishing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, wildlife viewing, Or just plan to relax and do nothing except smell the fresh, clean mountain air and be sure to see the wildflowers in bloom, usually between July & September. Typically, our summers are cool, especially in the evenings. Occasionally, the summer days can be on the warmer side. Our wintertime population boasts 80 hardy residents and swells to about 300 in the summertime.



two yellowstone wolvesNorth Yellowstone’s Winter Road • By Daryl L. Hunter
Winter in Yellowstone is truly a wonderful thing to experience, its deep snows, bitter cold, abundant wildlife and stark beauty can imprint memories that can last a lifetime...........................Access to Yellowstone in winter is the problem, it has become illegal to take a private snowmobile into Yellowstone and very few of us have snow coaches of our own or are capable of marathon ski expeditions too access Yellowstone’s winter wonders, but it is not as inaccessible as many think.........................Mountain above Gardner MontanaThe snowmobiling destination resort of Cooke City and Silver Gate Montana need groceries regularly to keep its citizens alive so Yellowstone Park maintains winter access to these communities. US-212 can be accessed through Yellowstone’s north entrance in Gardner Montana, so Yellowstone visitors can access a smidgen of Yellowstone’s treasures in winter by car.--------------------------> more


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