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Gallatin River Kayaker
Gallatin River Kayaker

West Yellowstone and the surrounding Yellowstone ecosystem region provide some of the best boating opportunities to be found in the west. The Gallatin River of southwest Montana provides great kayaking throughout the warm weather months and beyond. The Gros Ventre, Hoback, Teton, and Grey's Rivers of the southern Yellowstone region provide world class whitewater challenges during the spring. Our lakes that line the mouths of our glacial canyons provide great sea kayaking enjoyment if the regions whitewater isn't on your list of things to do.

For a first time experience or a veteran paddler, kayaking the Yellowstone Region is one of the most fun and rewarding activities. Kayaking on the tranquil waters of the regions many lakes to the crashing waves of whitewater on our prodigious selection of rivers and creeks will fit any experience level for young and old. In the region, there are several kayaking rentals shops along with experienced instructors available for hire to help maximize your fun on the water.

The exit from Quake Lake can be quite a ride.

The whitewater stretch on the Gallatin River is found between Big Sky and Squaw Creek Bridge. A number of Class III and Class IV rapids, along with numerous Class II rapids, big waves, and some big drops all combine to provide for a very wild ride. Experienced paddlers in high quality rafts, whitewater canoes or kayaks should only consider attempting this stretch of the river.

Directly beneath Quake Lake, North of West Yellowstone, the Madison River turns into a wild, rampaging river for three miles. The whitewater on this section of river was caused by earthquake. The gradient of river is very steep, with large boulders and drops scattered all along this stretch. Numerous Class III and Class IV rapids exist.

Below Ennis Lake the Madison river passes through Bear Trap Canyon. Through the canyon stretch, the Madison River is hemmed in by towering canyon walls and has almost constant whitewater. This section of the river is more heavily floated by whitewater enthusiasts than fisherman, as the river flows and whitewater hamper fishing from a boat.

West Yellowstone Kayak Outfitters

Lava Creek Adventures • Paddle and play on pristine lakes surrounded by spectacular mountains! We specialize in providing guided kayak tours and kayak rentals in an area that offers some of the best and most scenic kayaking in North America. Call 406-646-5145 or email info@lavacreekadventures.com for guide & rental reservations. Nothing compares to paddling silently along the shoreline of a beautiful mountain lake, or down a gently flowing wild river. See wildlife and mountain landscapes from the unique perspective that being on the water provides. Our trips cater to all abilities, from beginner to expert, and all gear is provided, or you can bring your own.

Kayaking the Gallatin River, Big Sky, Montana
Kayaking the Gallatin River

The Greater Yellowstone Region has a huge variety and selection of places to paddle your boat. Just look through our rivers or lakes section or choose one of our many beautiful waterways, the Yellowstone Region 's boating will not disappoint you as the Grand Tetons, the Absaroka Range, the Wind River Mountains, the Gallatin Range as well as others have provides stunning scenery and filled that scenery with water to float our boats.

Canoeing has been a form of transportation for millennia. For many cultures it has been a way of life, carrying fur traders across North America in the 17th and 18th centuries and long before that enabling native peoples to travel. Traditional dug out and birch bark canoes have given way to a wealth of styles, materials and manufacturers. Today, canoes are recreational watercraft for everything from camping to racing and it is an awesome way to experience the lakes and rivers her in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Canoeing is a blast but it can easily hurt of kill you. There is one important thing to remember: there are the fundamentals of canoeing–canoes, paddles, paddling strokes, etc.–and then there are the individual canoeist’s interpretations of those fundamentals – KNOW them before getting onto tricky water. There are as many interpretations as there are canoeists. Every canoeist has his or her own favorite canoe, best knot, andother canoeing

Canooing the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park
Canoeing on the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park provides stunning scenery

secrets. You will discover yours the more you get out on the water and gain experience. There are generally accepted best practices, like getting off the water during a lightning storm, a daily occurrence on the waters around Yellowstone. Loading your canoe properly has a big impact on maneuverability and safety. Too much weight up front makes it cumbersome to steer, whereas keeping weight low in the canoe will make it less prone to tipping.

We all dream of the perfect canoe trip, with gorgeous weather, relaxing days and bonding with friends and family. Yet even on a weekend outing you need to be prepared for reality and the Greater Yellowstone region provides curve balls daily.

For a first time experience or a veteran paddler, the Yellowstone Region is one of the most fun and rewarding activities. Boating on the tranquil waters of the regions many lakes to the crashing waves of whitewater on our prodigious selection of rivers and creeks will fit any experience level for young and old.

Around the region, there are several canoe and kayak rentals shops along with experienced instructors available for hire to help maximize your fun on the water.

Many of the regions whitewater enthusiasts combine their whitewater adventure with a fishing adventure as well. The lakes, rivers and streams of the Greater Yellowstone Region provide superb trout fishing and the whitewater sections are one of the better sections because many boat fishermen are scarred to float them and the access from the banks is poor for those without a boat.

Yellowstone Region Kayak, Canoe and White Water Guides

Canoer, Green River Lake, Wind River Mountains, Pinedale Wyoming
Canoeing around Yellowstone can bring great relaxation, but also great excitement.

Snake River Kayak & Canoe • (Jackson Hole) We are specialists in the field of outdoor recreation. Based in the shadow of the Tetons since 1976, in Jackson Hole, WY. We offer whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon of the Snake River, whitewater canoe and kayak instruction for paddlers of all ages and abilities, single-day and overnight backcountry sea kayaking trips in Yellowstone National Park

The Canoeing House • (Three Forks MT) The Canoeing House in Three Forks Montana is located between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park 35 miles west of Bozeman, Montana. With 60 acres and a private landing on the Jefferson River 90 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, visitors park at our site and are shuttled up river for 2 to 6 hours of scenic day canoeing or kayaking. While many paddle just for a day, others prefer canoe camping or guided trips. The Canoeing House provides services on hundreds of miles of clear, clean rivers-The Jefferson, Madison, Gallatin, Missouri and Yellowstone. Three Forks is at the confluence of the Madison, Gallatin and Jefferson Rivers, which makes it a hub of recreation. Three Forks is also home to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park and Missouri Headwaters State Park.

Wyoming River Trips • (Cody WY) If your staying in Cody Wyoming or just passing through, let Wyoming River Trips show you family fun at its best.
Teton / Yellowstone Region Kayak, Canoe And Raft Rentals

Leisure Sports • (Jackson Hole) We have what it takes to complete your Jackson Hole experience. Whether you want to ride it, pack it, or sleep under it! Leisure Sports, located at 1075 S. Hwy 89, rents all kinds of fun. From Rafts to Rowing Frames and Sea-Doos to sleeping bags. Call us - Leisure Sports - We rent fun!


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