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The Greatest Engine • By Daryl L. Hunter
John Adams, Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington created a dynamic that fosters the greatest engine for peace and prosperity that has ever existed, the Constitution of the United States of America. Lesser men with the noblest of intentions are destroying it.

The Liberal Blame Game • By Daryl L. Hunter
Attention Democrats, take off your blinders, as a news junkie all I hear from liberals is how Bush is destroying the economy. 911 isn't even an economic factor for you, as Bush can't be blamed for it although some have tried.

Democracy's Achilles Heel • By Daryl L. Hunter
Today's partisan politics begs the question, who's side are they on anyway? and regardless of which party the answer spoken in deeds not words is always the side of their party and America is becoming the victim of their divisive ways.

The Electoral College • By Daryl L. Hunter • How where our founding fathers so insightful and far seeing? We have evolved from an agrarian society to an urban one, our society has changed in every way, however the Electoral College still protects our small states from being out-influenced from the more populous ones propagating large state, small state cohesion instead of opposition.

Ideological Nirvana • By Daryl L. Hunter
Ponder the possibility of one of the states, say for instance Idaho having a state referendum opting out of federally funded programs

Our National Debt By Daryl L. Hunter • If today's surplus belongs to the taxpayers, why does yesterdays National Debt belong to our unborn children?

The Social Security Trust Fund • By Daryl L. Hunter
It is a shame that our Social Security Trust Fund has had the United States Congress as it's Trustee. It has been used, borrowed, misappropriated, commingled and hijacked. A trust fund in the private sector managed as this one would have the trustees in jail.

American Socialism By Daryl L. Hunter
We are incrementally voting ourselves into a Socialist Society, albeit negligently.

What is Conservatism? • By Daryl L. Hunter
Conundrum or Paradox? Daryl L. Hunter analyzes some of conservatism's apparent contradictions.