Illegal Aliens: Our legislators perplexing paradox
By Daryl Hunter 4/2006

The illegal immigration debate has brought to the fore some interesting political dynamics that beg analysis. The imponderable elephant in the living room of this debate is the Hispanic voting block. The consternation of our legislators of how to react to such a large group has them so befuddled that they have forgotten the nature of their constituency.

Many of our legislators, GWB included have lost their compass. Many US senators while pandering for the votes of illegal aliens and those that employ them are alienating their historical constituency. We are lucky here in Idaho and Wyoming because Senators Thomas and Enzi of WY and Crapo of ID have retained much of their integrity on this issue, Senator Larry Craig has not.

Some Republicans who get large campaign contributions from Agri-business and other corporate sectors have forgotten that the reason they need money from big business is to influence the more numerous rank and file voters they have angered by their convoluted alien issue hyperbole. If placating big business to fund voter outreach to diffuse voter anger about big business pandering sounds like circle jerk, it is. Republicans view Hispanics as potential family values conservatives because of their predominantly Catholic faith.

Democrats are courting the Hispanic vote because they view Hispanics as poor folks who will vote Democrat, as Democrats are the purveyors of the social welfare system and the alien's free medical loophole. While pandering to the Hispanic vote they are stabbing a large Democratic constituency in the back, Labor Union members. Much to the consternation of current union members, labor leaders and Democrats view 12 million new legal workers as potential AFL-CIO members.

Another voting sector politicians are stabbing in the back are African-Americans who in the absence of 12 million illegal aliens would be earning an estimated 8% more because less workers equals higher wages.

There is a dirty little word called "amnesty' and none of it's legislative supporters will call amnesty by its name. Their convoluting of semantics is nothing but disingenuous subterfuge about their intent. For the sake of semantic clarity we can call it - lying! Their covert attempt to pass off a sow's ear for a silk purse should not fly.

An inarguable dynamic of this whole debate is that in time amnestied workers will move out of undesirable jobs and into those desired by Americans. Of course by then the politician's un-amnesty will have made them citizens and it will be time for another tsunami of illegal aliens to replace our upwardly mobile new Americans, the beneficiaries of the un-amnesty

The house Immigration Bill which calls for illegal aliens to be charged with a felony may seem harsh for our uninvited guests but it will serve an important function, it will permanently disqualify them as voters freeing up our legislator's grey matter so they may think logically again. If we need unskilled labor it shouldn't come with motor voter rights.

A gross failure of this legislation is the lack of a requirement of employer mandated health insurance, it should be the responsibility of the beneficiary of cheap labor (employers) to foot the medical cost of imported labor, not the taxpayers.

Another bogus argument is that we can't just all of the sudden kick 12 million people out of the country at once. No one can really expect that nor should we. We should issue a one-year warning for them to get their affairs in order by working with their employer to rehire them legally out of Mexico where America could have in place an expeditive process for such rehires that would include issuance of green cards and temporary visas that could be carried out in a quick, efficient and legal way.

Illegal aliens that have been in America for any length of time will have a nice nest egg to take home to Mexico enabling them to enter Mexico's middle class and help lift their own country up, we shouldn't deprive Mexico of such assets. Other aliens that have been parasites on America's social system instead also need to go back as they are Mexico's labiality, not ours. Amnesty will deprive potential temporary workers of the future of a chance of coming to America so they can build their own nest egg depriving them of the possibility of building their own brighter well-funded future in Mexico.

Those who do not comply sooner or later will show up at the ER, jail, traffic stop or raid of business' that employ them, or turned in by an employer that spots a phony green card, at which time the alien could be deported. Not in an endless train to Tijuana but by steady legal attrition. I am confidant that we can find 12 million legal workers in Mexico to replace the illegal aliens we send back to their homes.

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